Myth or reality ?


Mistery of its colour

Threat or future technologies ?

Alience minace ?

History of its detection

Industrial or internation espionage in Internet ?

Moving to towards the source of the Internet



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Black Banner - Myth or Reality

- Myth or reality.

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     The problem of Black Banner has been studied by mathematicians and physicists for a long time, but this information has started spreading even among usual Internet users for several months and it has covered approximately the whole Internet itself.

      Im often asked, what Black Banner is, if it is a joke or a scientifical thermin I think, not. From the scientific side, the existence of Black Banner has been predetermined by the development of physics and by the theory, which has already been proved by mathematicians, about the existence of  pieces, which were named as `anachrons` - which can move back in Time.

      In the other words, banner, consisted of these pieces ( the whole, or partly) moves back in Time.

      The reason, why they call it black is more mystical, then reasonable ( lots of opinions support this idea), but we will speak about it later ( Mistery of its colour ). But in further researches the opinions are different.

       Who invented it? Where did it appear and where does it move? The stories by those, who clicked to it

        All this you can find in our further articles,

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