Myth or reality ?


Mistery of its colour

Threat or future technologies ?

Alience minace ?

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Black Banner - Myth or Reality

- Threat or future technologies?

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 The opinions differ also in two questions-how much the Banner is valuable and dangerous at the same time.

 As we know the value of the Banner is in its code, which contains the technologies of the future. These days the physicists from NASA try to reveal the hidden sense of this code.


 Physicist Michael Dodjenson (NASA):

we will have an opportunity to work without the theory of algorithms and to develop the new technologies of treating and visual reflection of the information (as minimum), that may let send a great amount of the information until it is needed in the future. It will help to increase физическую пропускную ability of connection channels, etc

 But this approach is not supported at all by those scientists who think that examination of some strange events is not often useful for the society (for example расщепление атома, which led to the invention of nuclear weapons)


 Professor Isaac Shamel (Israel):

Undoubtely there is a danger in the Black Banner no one knows who invented it and what for. And even the opportunity of the future researching of new technologies will not excuse the potential threat

 These careful and skeptic scientists have several variants of its origin one of which is the version of alien essence conscious( the creatures of the other planets) and natural (space)



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