Myth or reality ?

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Mistery of its colour

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Alience minace ?

History of its detection

Industrial or internation espionage in Internet ?

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Black Banner - Myth or Reality

- Mistery of its colour.

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The question, why the colour of Baner is black is one of the main reason for argues. Scientists say that if we reveal the reason of this colour we will understand a lot of other questions.

     Professor Richard Alliher, Holland:

   «Of course originally banner was not black. Like other banners it contained some special information , for instance, "abcdef etc". But as the info it contains will be written only in 200 years, while the banner goes through this time, the information will disappear. The thing is that NOW it doesn’t exist, in the other words, it is not written yet…»

     The doctor of technical sciences Boris Simonov is not agree with him, he suggests the more simple explanation:

     «…the black colour of the banner can be explained in a way that when it goes through the time there is a movement of the whole spectrum of colours from the original one to the white colour (if we combine all the spectrums as a result we will have white). After that the «negative reaction» comes – and white transforms into black…»

     At the beginning of our publications I talked about the mystical explanations of the black colour of the banner, but if we start speaking about all the ideas and thoughts(most of which are not even reasonable) we will have to write another article or even several publications.



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